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Children at Risk Intervention Fund exists to help rescue, protect and give hope to the weakest among us—children abandoned, abused, abducted, victims of pornography and sex trafficking. We also provide food, shelter, medical care, counseling, education, and other necessary services for abused and needy children in developing countries and in the United States.

Projects supported by CARIF


Children at Risk Intervention Fund sends grants to Casa Refugio in Belo Horizonte, a Christian home for children with HIV/AIDS. Currently 17 children, infants to age 14, are in residence. Each receives food, shelter, and compassionate care in the home, including medical treatments, schooling, and social assistance toward adoption.


CARIF made a grant to World-Wide Missions Cameroon for building repairs and installation of electrical service and lighting for its Christian high school in Mpundu. Because of disputed land use the building was unoccupied for several years and began to deteriorate. Since it is the only secondary school in the area, older students who need to acquire a high school education are suffering as long as it remains closed. Approximately 400 students will be enrolled in the coming year.


CARIF made a grant to Invisible Children designated for rescuing and rehabilitating child soldiers. Since 2008 over 2,300 children in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been abducted by Joseph Kony’s notorious “Lord’s Resistance Army” and turned into vicious killers and plunderers. Invisible Children deploys search and rescue teams to find children who have escaped from the LRA, pays for treating their emotional and behavioral problems, and returns them to their families and communities.

Dominican Republic

CARIF shipped a sea container filled with medical supplies to Obispo de Puerto Plata to benefit families living in extreme poverty. Included were 6 pallets of over-the-counter medicines and supplies. They were distributed through local churches. The shipment had a total fair market value of $120,024.


CARIF sent grants to Mission Possible in Haiti for a mass feeding program for needy children. Each day over 2,300 school children received a nutritious meal that could not be provided by their parents, through the mission’s schools in Port-au-Prince, Montrouis, Lanzac, Dupin, La-Hatte, and Chardene.


CARIF made a grant to Love Works in Antananrivo for its ministry to children living on the streets and in danger of becoming ensnared by human traffickers, which is a major problem in that nation. The program is implemented by Pastor Ronald Miller and 27 churches in and around the capital city, in association with Point Loma Nazarene University.


CARIF shipped a sea container filled with medical supplies to Centro Cristiano Poder de Dias in Tijuana, Baja California to benefit families living in extreme need. The shipment had a total fair market value of $231,000.


CARIF supports the ministry of Child Hope international, which operates 21 group homes in Nepal caring for 212 abandoned boys and girls. In this unique program, destitute children are rescued from the streets, dumps, and jungles and placed with local Christian families who actually adopt them and raise them in group homes as their own. Basic needs of shelter, food, medical care, and schooling are provided. The program also pays tuition for 26 students to pursue higher education.

Southern Sudan

CARIF made grants to Make Way Partners for its ministry in Southern Sudan seeking to rescue women who have been forced into sexual slavery and to care for the orphans they have left behind. Due to civil war and famine, there are more than 1,000,000 orphans in Sudan, many in the refugee camps of Darfur. In Aweil, on the border between the Muslim north and Christian south, Make Way Partners cares for 500 desperately needy children on its 100-acre site with 3 large dormitories, school, medical clinic, and church.


CARIF supported Ray of Hope Ministries in Tainan, Taiwan, which is dedicated to promoting the sanctity of life, teaching sexual purity, and bringing restoration to women in crisis due to an unwanted pregnancy or a previous abortion.

United States


CARIF provided grants to Missiongathering Christian Church of San Diego, in support of its children and youth programs. A special focus was on Urban Street Angels, an outreach to homeless young people subsisting on the streets and in the parks, providing hundreds of them with food, sleeping bags, hygiene kits, as well as personal counseling, temporary housing, and job placement for selected individuals.

CARIF made grants to the Pink Cross Foundation of Bakersfield for its vital work of rescuing women and children from the sex industry. The gift was designated to help abused and neglected children of women who are porn stars and prostitutes, for children who are themselves being exploited and violated, and especially for intervening with teenage girls at risk of entering the sex trade.

CARIF made a grant to Shepherd’s Gate in Livermore for rehabilitation of battered and homeless women and children. Since 1984, Shepherd’s Gate has provided a safe shelter for over 9,000 mothers and their children, caring for up to 110 at a time, breaking cycles of abuse and addiction. Services provided include professional counseling, 12-step recovery programs, anger management and conflict management courses, medical services, parenting and basic life skills training, childcare, job skills training and placement, with a special emphasis on personal and spiritual development.

CARIF made a grant to the Children’s Holiday Magic Program in San Diego. Funds were used to help produce and distribute 7,000 special CDs with Christmas music and stories for girls and boys being treated in 30 children’s hospitals in California and Texas.


CARIF provides ongoing financial support for Childsavers Inc., of Rockville, which for 29 years has provided a nationwide referral service and guidance for child advocates. Direct services are provided to parents, children, doctors, therapists and other healthcare professionals. Individuals are prepared for court appearances, informing them of their rights and teaching them the most effective strategies for dealing with situations they encounter as they attempt to protect children. A 24-hour confidential crisis hotline (301-251-9099) is staffed, receiving an average of 30 calls and 18 e-mails each day. The best in follow-up services are provided to ensure dignity and promote healing.